Social Media Account Management

Social Media is a treasure-trove for small businesses to find customers, interact with other businesses, and grow their brand through the power of community.

Your competition is already using it, why aren’t you? 

Brand Awareness Drives Growth

Social Media has exploded over the last decade – with a staggering 4 billion users at your fingertips. Small business owners can leverage these platforms to boost their reach with the power of people. 

Community building, social shares, interaction and discussion – people shop with brands they can feel recognized by. By building a strong community of supporters they feel inclined to share your brand with others. 

Through smart social media management strategies upfront, this community can do the heavy lifting of sharing and raising brand awareness on your behalf. Find out how we at Logan Poynter Development can do this work for you and build the grounds for a strong social media community. 


What is Social Media Management?

The name may sound straight forward but there’s a lot involved behind the scenes supporting your small business social media accounts. The great news is that you as a business owner don’t have to worry about these details, you only have to worry about watching the profit roll in.

Social media management is the process of creating, publishing, and analyzing content across social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. It also involves engaging with users on those platforms, answering questions, and representing your business online. You can streamline social media management by choosing to work with a professional social media management service like what we offer at Logan Poynter Development.

What’s Included in Social Media Management?

1. Target Audience Research:

Without knowing who you want to target, you’re going to be wasting time and money. A professional social media management service can help narrow down who you should be targeting with your business marketing. By targeting your desired audience on their preferred platform, you can achieve a greater return on investment (ROI).

2. Social Media Strategy:

Your social media strategy is going to be different from platform to platform. With a helping hand, you can have a concrete roadmap for how you should execute your marketing across all platforms and not sacrifice success. A social media strategy is going to consist of defining:

  • Your Goals; what you want social media to help you accomplish with your business.
  • Your Industry; who you’re in competition with and what they’re currently doing on social media. 
  • Your Brand; what vision and impression  you want to be represented on your accounts. 

3. Account Setup or Audit:

Your social media account manager can assist you in creating a unified brand vision across your targeted platforms. If you’ve already set up accounts, they can audit those and make sure they’re up to par before getting to work. Typically, this involves determining if you’re on the correct platform for your target audience, how your brand currently appears, and making sure necessary information is available that will benefit marketing efforts. 

4. Content Planning & Creation

Another deliverable in most social media management services is what is referred to as a content calendar. This calendar serves as a reference point for you, displaying what posts are scheduled for each platform you’re strategy includes and allows for you to only approve the content you want to exist. 

Most agencies also handle creating the content to be posted, instead of having you provide it yourself. This can include sharing blog posts or articles your business is featured in, customer testimonials in marketing campaigns, or holiday-related sales announcements or tidings. These can be platform-specific based on the nature of the post, or generalized posts that can be shared across all platforms. 

5. Ad Strategy & Execution

Included in our Social Media Management service is a targeted social media marketing ad strategy. We evaluate your business goals, target your specific audience you’re looking to reach, create content that drives home what your business does, and we execute this strategy across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Pinterest to get your business in front of those that are more likely to engage with your business and become a customer.

6. Managing Platform Engagement

Lastly, we help manage the engagement of your social media accounts by responding to questions or comments on posts across all platforms on behalf of your business. We also go out of our way to make sure that your business image, name, and reputation remains positive with every interaction. If at any time there are questions we cannot answer for you, we allow you to determine how we should respond or let you take care of it yourself!

*Managed accounts, scheduled posts, custom content, and Ad spend will vary based on the selected package you choose. 

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